Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Wrap-Up

August has been a very busy month. With a few days of vacation, the Olympics, and just plain busy days, it flew by for me. I cannot believe that tomorrow is September 1.

It was another good month for us at Cumberland House. We've met our deadlines for our Spring 2009 list preparation and presentations. We've had one key account presentation already that went very well, and several more coming up throughout September. Front covers for all the new books have been designed. We had a good time developing the cover for Wine Savvy and I appreciate your input and participation. I can hardly wait for you all to see our new catalog--both for the new books as well as the effort in the new design and presentation of the catalog itself.

We wrapped up this month with a special visit from new Cumberland House author, Dr. Michael Aziz. Dr. Aziz has written a diet book that we will be publishing in Fall 2009 called The Perfect Ten Diet, about balancing ten hormones for weight loss and better health. Dr. Aziz took a few days away from his busy Madison Avenue practice in New York to spend time with us in Nashville teaching us about his diet and working on our plans to launch the book. Several of us in the office will be starting the diet together this fall. If you are interested in joining us, send me an email ( and I'll get you an advance copy of the manuscript. Look for more blog posts on that in the days ahead.

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