Friday, August 22, 2008

Penguin's Internet Advice for Authors

Publishing 2020 blogger Joe Wikert recently pointed to this incredible resource for authors developed by Penguin Group USA. It is a free 64-page document called Internet Advice for Authors: Getting Started, Getting Online, and Getting Noticed. It contains some great advice for those just getting started. Topics include:

Getting Started
1. What is Online Marketing?
Why you need to be on the Web - How we can help - Basic decisions
2. Domain Names
How to register a domain name - Choosing a domain name -
What to do if your domain name is taken - You have your
domain name. Now what?
Getting Online
3. Web Sites
Working with a designer - What should the site consist of? - Pointing your domain name
to your Web site (“Hosting”)
4. Blogs
How to set up a blog - Blogging best practices - Marketing to blogs
5. Multimedia
Photos - Audio – Video - Flash
Getting Noticed
6. How to Use Third-Party Sites
Amazon – Facebook – Myspace – Google – Wikipedia – Youtube – iTunes - Flickr

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