Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who to Contact When

I recently posted some advice on managing your relationships inside the publishing house. One piece of advice was to stick to emails instead of phone calls. An author emailed me shortly thereafter and suggested a list of contacts might be helpful.

Publishing contacts:
Ron Pitkin, president and publisher (All correspondence for Ron should be directed to his executive assistant, Teresa Wright at:
Paul Mikos, associate publisher (
- Questions about contracts
- Questions about scheduling
- Questions about packaging or design
- Questions about subsidiary rights
- Questions about expenses
- Questions about advance payments or royalty statements
- Questions about the number of copies of your book sold
- New book ideas

Editorial contacts:
If you don't know who your editor is, ask me. We prefer to keep our editors' contact information confidential to save them from the flood of unsolicited manuscripts and book proposals. If your editor has not been assigned yet, be patient and keep a list of questions until the time comes. Topics directed to your editor include:

- Questions about format or style
- Questions about a foreword, table of contents, index, or other element of the book
- Questions about photos or illustrations
- Questions about the manuscript delivery, revisions, or deadlines

Marketing contacts:
Jennifer Behar -- fiction, health/nutrition, public policy, religion, sports, travel, true crime, women & family (
Paige Lakin -- biography, cooking, entertainment, and history (
Stacie Bauerle -- Cumberland House web site and Internet marketing (
- Questions about promoting your book including advertising, publicity, interviews, speaking engagements, promotional copies, etc.
- Questions about Internet presence for your book

Sales contacts:
Kimberly Goldstein -- customer service and special market sales to shops and specialty chains (
Brian Ellsworth -- national accounts and special markets sales to associations, corporations, and other organizations (
Chris Bauerle, VP of sales and marketing (
- Order copies of your book (Kim)
- Ideas for sales leads
- Questions about specific accounts (Chris)

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