Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Note to self: learn how to order a sandwich without pictures.

I took a little nap this afternoon and feel a bit better. I walked to a little market area and shopping mall in Neu Isenburg tonight. It certainly feels European. The roads are narrow and sidewalks are wide. The streets are lined with hardwoods turning colors and there is an autumn nip in the air. There is a good mix of what appear to be houses, condos, and apartment buildings. People who appeared to be coming home from work unloaded from buses. Many were out walking their dogs. Children were playing in their yards. There was a bustle and energy on the street common to urban areas. I’m sure I stick out like a red white and blue thumb but I notice a mix of Anglos, blacks, Indians, Arabs, and Asians. If it weren’t for the narrow roads, small cars, and people on bikes, I could have been walking through a neighborhood in Chicago or New York.

I found myself drawn to McDonald’s and Subway only because I know what I am ordering. The hotel restaurant had four menu items for lunch. I went with the "Hamburger and frites." Thank God it really was a hamburger and fries because it took me 45 minutes to get it.

I found a few great looking little bakeries tonight but I couldn’t tell which ones sold sandwiches or how to order them. There were also some good looking little pubs but given how long it took to get my hamburger for lunch, I didn’t want to spend two hours waiting for dinner. I’ll probably do that tomorrow after I get my sleep a little more regulated.

My favorite thing I saw today was a "Fresh & Hot" hot dog vending machine. There was a picture of two steaming dogs (no buns) in silver foil wrappers. The machine had at least eight buttons. I wonder what the options are.

If you can suggest German food I should try, please post a comment.


Chris Bauerle said...

Well, aren't you the international traveller!

This is hysterical. I have a hard enough time navigating the four time zones in the good ole U-S-of-A - much less the being 7 ahead.

At least if worse comes to worse, you can order 10 subways and keep them in your refrigerator in your room.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Perfect 10 German food. Sorry. But you're doing a nice job describing everything. I feel like I'm there! Look forward to reading about the rest of your adventure. --LT

Mary said...

I want a fresh & hot Deutschlander hot dog from a machine! Just kidding, but I do find it interesting that the designation "XXL" has apparently gone international. Fun to read your posts, Paul. Hang in there--you're doing great!

Geoffrey said...

Try the weiner shnitzel.

Jennifer Behar said...

I think the biggest thing I had to get used to was that things move ALOT SLOWER in Europe...at least in regards to eating..they'll run you over in a second with their mini-cars. Dinner/food is seen as an event..at least in the places I went to..which could explain why it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to wait 45 minutes for a burger and fries. Some places might have "Tourist menus" that you can choose from. I had a horrible time ordering food in Italy so GOOD LUCK! :)

Paul Mikos said...

Thanks for the tips and support.

I had a pizza and beer in the hotel bar tonight. It was actually quite good and much quicker than I expected.

I also had an awesome pretzel today. Really, the best pretzel of my life.

I'll have to find a good local place to try the weiner shnitzel.

What's shnitzel?