Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Achtung Baby!

Frankfurt Book Fair 2008 - Day 1
I’m feeling great after some sleep. It is a privilege to be here. Attending the Frankfurt Book Fair is something I’ve wanted to do since I got into publishing.

The hall looked great when I walked in this morning. I am always amazed at the transformation that happens the night before a show. We had a good steady flow of traffic and several requests for sample copies. I saw a couple proposals for co-publishing that look promising. One was with a French publisher who assumed I spoke French and I assumed he spoke English. Fortunately he came up with enough English words for us to have a productive meeting, I think. I took the last hour of the show to walk the floor. I look forward to walking the other halls.

I had sausages for lunch today, Frankfurt style. Gosh, I was asleep at the wheel on this one: Frankfurt--home of the frankfurter.
I love hot dogs but only indulge at the ballpark, in Chicago, or a New York street vendor. Now I can add, "visiting Germany" to the list. The Frankfurt sausages were great. They were served as a pair, twisted together, steamed, with a sliced Kaiser roll. I had to get a translator to find mustard. I’ll have to find a place that serves them with sauerkraut before I leave. They were some great dogs but I'm still inclined toward the Chicago toppings. Give me a Gold Coast charred red hot with pickle spear, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and florescent green relish any day.

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