Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holiday Inn Neu-Isenburg

The rooms were described to me as large. I’m guessing that must be in comparison to other European hotels. The photo on the web site made the rooms look huge, but it must be a suite that is pictured. This room is not huge.

The first thing I noticed, though, was the bed. It is about 18 inches tall. There are box springs on some kind of frame about an inch off the floor and a mattress on top of it but the frame, springs, and mattress are all slim and low. It is comfortable enough, just very low. I think I could make a killing in Germany selling luxury bedding.

The TV has 21 channels. Two of them are in English—CNN London and a movie channel that is looping the latest Indiana Jones movie. Thank God I have Internet access.

The room is very stuffy and I can’t tell if there is air conditioning. I’ve got the thermostat turned down as low as it can go and the fan turned as high as it will go but I cannot feel any air moving. I have opened the windows, but I fell when I sat down to take my shoes off and forgot about the low the bed.

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