Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ten Things Your Publisher Thinks You Already Know

1. This is a business partnership.
2. The advance has a purpose.
3. The competitive landscape.
4. Average sales and returns for any book.
5. You are your book's best publicist.
6. You can make more money selling your book than you can on royalties.
7. Advertising is not publicity, and vice versa.
8. Table space at the chains is not free.
9. Airports won't carry your book because we think travelers will like it.
10. Special markets. Special markets. Specials markets.

This seems like as good as place as any to jump in. I'll cover these ten points, and a little more, in the days ahead. I hope you will comment and share your reactions, your questions, your ideas, and suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Hi, your blog is very informative. Have you posted an entry with advice on how to get into book publishing? If not, would you consider doing so? I have a background & degree in politics but I would like to move into the book publishing world. I have zero experience and no contacts :), any advice? I know internships are difficult to get (particularly if you have already graduated). I have executive assistant experience. Would trying to get a similar job in a publishing house be a smart way in the door? Thanks!

Paul Mikos said...

Anonymous, thanks for reading. Getting a job in the publishing business is a little outside the scope of this blog. Generally, thoug, you need to think in terms of what you would do--editing, marketing, production, accounting, etc. There are entry-level positions in most areas of book publishing. I think the best job board for publishing jobs is:
Best, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul!