Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eye Spy. . . Publicity

Gerald Henig, Cumberland House author of the book A Nation Transformed: How the Civil War Changed America Forever, recently sent me a copy of the British magazine Eye Spy, which is distributed in 36 countries including the U.S. The most recent issue includes a five page feature story on espionage in the American Civil War written by Henig.

Gerald is a frequent contributor to a variety of popular history magazines, such as North & South, America's Civil War, Civil War Times, American Legacy: A Journal of African History & Culture, Naval History, and others. The featured piece in Eye Spy on Mary Elizabeth Bowser (who is briefly mentioned in his book) is an entirely new article.

According to Henig, "I truly knew nothing about Eye Spy, but thought the editor might be interested, so I sent the Bowser piece to their editorial offices in England , and, incredibly, he called me three days later and told me that he wanted to publish the piece in the next issue."

In a stroke of genius, he negotiated for ad space in lieu of payment for writing the piece. I applaud Gerald for writing on his subject in a way that appeals to readers beyond the regular Civil War journals.

What magazines might be interested in your book if presented a story in the context of their readers’ interests?

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