Thursday, July 24, 2008

Author Tips from a Broadcast Pro

Cumberland House marketing and publicity specialist Jennifer Behar flagged this column from the July 2008 issue of BookPage, a book review publication available free at bookstores and libraries across the country (and my first employer in the book business). The Author Enablers, Kathi Kamen Goldmark and Sam Barry, provide “inside scoop on writing and publishing.” This month’s column includes publicity tips for authors from Sedge Thomson, host of “West Coast Live,” a weekly public radio show where Goldmark and Barry have also both worked.

What defines a great interview?
“I’m looking for an interesting conversation that tells a good story… I want to learn something new.”

What drives you crazy?
It’s not a selling point when publicists and authors point out that there have been interviews on other big national shows; it makes me wonder why—with all this other attention—do they need us.

Other tips to make a good impression?
Send out review copies and press materials in plenty of time, and make sure your contact information and available dates are clearly communicated. Let us know why you think your book will be of particular interest to our audience.

Final thoughts?
Feel free to send us a personal note and remind your publicist if you think an appropriate media booking has been overlooked.

Read the complete column here.

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