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Headlines in Digital Publishing

Last October I declared Oprah naming the Kindle her favorite gadget as a tipping point for ebooks reaching into mainstream popular culture. Electronic publishing initiatives have been in the news almost every day since. I started collecting the headlines and thankfully Publishers Weekly keeps an active backlog of their daily stories. I wish I could say the same for GalleyCat (which only goes back a couple weeks), Publishers Lunch (which requires a subscription to see more than a handful of stories), or ECPA's Rush to Press (which only show's the current week's headlines). Set against the backdrop of the recession's impact on the publishing industry (those were some dark days in December), the emphasis on digital publishing seems especially poignant. Separately, I also collected the recession stories.

IndieBound Updates Literary iPhone App GC 7/23/09, Inc. to Acquire Zappos GC 7/23/09
Is This the Bookstore of Tomorrow? GC 7/23/09
USA Today Bestseller List Includes Kindle Sales Data PL 7/23/09
Vonnegut Stories to Be Sold Individually As e-Exclusives Before Print Edition PL 7/23/09
Digital Book Buyer's e-Morse: WSJ On the Limited Rights Readers Get PL 7/23/09
Plastic Logic Strikes AT&T 3G Deal GC 7/22/09
B&N Tops Amazon in App Store GC 7/22/09
BookSurge to Sell 400,000 U of M Library Titles GC 7/22/09
University of Michigan Expands Print on Demand Effort with Amazon's BookSurge PW 7/22/09
IndieBound Updates iPhone App PW 7/22/09
Barnes & Noble Launches e-Book Store PW 7/21/09
Copyright Industries Warn Against Piracy Threat PW 7/21/09
It's Ready: Barnes & Noble Launches eBookstore, Partners with Plastic Logic PL 7/21/09
Class Action Specialists Want to Sue Amazon Over Orwell Removals; Plastic Logic "Fully Funded" PL 7/21/09
Barnes & Noble Launches Vast E-Book Store GC 7/20/09
University Presses Stepping Up e-Book Efforts PW 7/20/09
Industry Begins Debate Over Removal of Kindle Titles PW 7/20/09
Google Book Settlement Webinar Set for July 29 PW 7/20/09, Inc. and "1984" GC 7/20/09
What We Talk About When We Talk About Amazon PL 7/20/09
Maker of Readius Folding eReader Polymer Vision Is Liquidated PL 7/20/09
Harry Potter and the iPhone Apps GC 7/17/09
Journalists Debate E-Book Pricing GC 7/17/09
Harvard UP to Sell 1,000 Books on Scribd GC 7/17/09
Harvard University Press Selling 1,000 Books on Scribd PL 7/17/09
On-Demand Flash Fiction GC 7/16/09
E-Readers Featured in App Awards GC 7/16/09
Slate Critic Calls for Lower E-Book Prices GC 7/16/09
Sourcebooks CEO Dominique Raccah on Delaying Ebook Releases PL 7/16/09
Amazon Offers Free Replacement for Cracked Kindles PL 7/16/09
Closing In on UK-indle? PL 7/16/09
Dems Want to Give Students 400k Kindles PL 7/16/09
WSJ Survey Student Doubts on eTextbooks PL 7/16/09
Morgan James Selling E-Books on Scribd PW 7/15/09, Inc. Sued by Kindle Customers GC 7/15/09
Kindle Owner Files Suit Against Amazon Saying Cover Cracks Kindles; Seeks Class Action Status PL 7/15/09
Taiwan Companies Pair for eBook Launch PL 7/15/09
Library of Congress Explores New Rules for Depost of Electronic Works PL 7/15/09
The NYT Follows On eBook Release Timing PL 7/15/09
Taiwan Vendors Appear to Confirm Orders from Apple for October Tablet/Netbook PL 7/15/09 Robert Olen Butler Tweets as The Devil for His New Book 'Hell' PL 7/15/09
Content Explosion: Joins Online Self-Publishing Crowd PL 7/15/09
Pan Macmillan's View: DRM Is Not Evil PL 7/15/09
It Was the Best of Tweets, It Was the Worst of Tweets GC 7/14/09
Sourcebooks Bucks $9.99 E-Book Price Point GC 7/14/09
Author Is Tweeting His Entire Novel PL 7/14/09
Blackwell, Ingram Ink Pact to Supply e-Books PW 7/14/09
Chinese Show Off Kindle-like e-Reader PW 7/14/09
Stanza Reader Turns One-Year-Old GC 7/13/09
Book Deal for Self-Published Kindle Author GC 7/13/09
Spain's Three Biggest Publishers Form eBook Distribution Company PL 7/13/09
Sourcebooks to Delay Release of eBook Version of Hot New YA Novel PL 7/13/09
Free-For-All: Anderson, "Free" Book, Sparks a Backlash Online and Among Battered Media Industry PW 7/10/09
Sourcebooks Experimenting with DRM-Free e-Books PW 7/10/09
Google Renegotiates Terms with Two More Libraries PL 7/10/09
Pixel Qi Introduces LCD-Based Color/Video Screens for E-Readers PL 7/10/09
Richard Nash on Kindle, Twitter, and E-Books GC 7/10/09
Sourcebooks Sells Digital Titles on Smashwords GC 7/10/09
QR Codes and Publishing GC 7/9/09
Amazon Drops Kindle 2 Price GC 7/9/09
Sourcebooks Tests DRM-Free eBooks with Smashwords 7/9/09
SharedBook Demos On-Demand Customized Book via Espresso at ALA 7/9/09
Amazon Drops Kindle Price to $299 PL 7/9/09
Sony Reader Promises Mac Compatibility By "the end of Summer 2009" PL 7/8/09
Enhanced Editions: A New iPhone Reader PL 7/8/09
Barnes & Noble Tops Amazon in App Store Books Category PW 7/7/09
Ditto Book Digital Reading Device Hits the Market PW 7/7/09
New Hachettte Program Gives Complete Access to Titles PW 7/7/09
Amazon Applies for E-Book Ad Patent GC 7/6/09
What's Apple Building in There? GC 7/2/09
Random Houses Teams with BookGlutton for Promotion PW 7/1/09
Using Social Media to Create Product Evangelists ECPA 7/1/09
Barnes & Noble Follows Amazon's E-Book Pricing Model GC 7/1/09
ScrollMotion Publishes Digital Stephenie Meyer Titles in U.K. GC 6/30/09
Barnes & Launches Bookstore iPhone App PW 6/29/09
B&N Faces Amazon in App Store GC 6/29/09
Wattpad Launches Google Android Application GC 6/29/09
Read Your "Texts From Last Night" in a Book GC 6/29/06
Allen Letter Urges Industry to Support Google Deal PW 6/26/09
Alexander Street and Arcadia Publishing Launch Online Local History Collection PW 6/26/09
Quartet Press Launches PL 6/26/09
Transformers Rule iPhone Paid Book Apps GC 6/26/09
Quartet Press Seeks Its First Submissions GC 6/26/09
Espresso Book Machine Coming to McNally Jackson This Fall PL 6/26/09
Barnes & Noble Appoints New Digital Executive PW 6/24/09
Zinio Launches "Digital Bookstore" Section PL 6/24/09
O'Reilly Media Heads to Frankfurt Book Fair GC 6/23/09
Video: Book Talk at #140Conf GC 6/23/09
ScrollMotion Seals LibreDigital iPhone Content Deal GC 6/23/09
ScrollMotion in Deal with LibreDigital PW 6/23/09
LibreDigital Delivers 100k Titles for ScrollMotion's App PL 6/22/09
Stephen King Text Message Promo May Be Horror Story for S&S PW 6/22/09
Springer Lets Library Patrons Buy Paperback Versions of E-books PW 6/22/09
Hippocrene Launches Arabic Dictionary iPhone App PW 6/22/09
Kindle DX: Looks Good, Works Fine, Costs Too Much PW 6/22/09
Book Deal for College Kids' "Twitterature" GC 6/22/09
University Presses Cope with Digital Students GC 6/22/09
New Features on Google Book Search PW 6/19/09
140 Character Confab: Listening To and Learning About Twitter PW 6/19/09
Pearson Answers Schwarzenegger’s Call for E-Textbooks PW 6/19/09
Penguin Group Launches Multimedia Site GC 6/19/09, Inc. May End Affiliate Program in North Carolina GC 6/19/09
Pearson Promises California Schools Digital Content GC 6/19/09
Hachette Signs with Attributor to Fight Online Piracy PW 6/18/09
Ingram Content Group Gets New Structure PW 6/18/09
Tor Launches Online Bookstore PW 6/18/09
Simon & Schuster Launches Teen Networking Site PW 6/18/09
Audibooks App Nabs Top Spot in Apple App Store GC 6/18/09
Macmillan Digital in the House at #140Conf GC 6/18/09 GC 6/18/09
Penguin Launches Online Network PW 6/17/09
Google Mapping the Bible GC 6/17/09
Tor Launches Publisher Agnostic Online Store GC 6/17/09
McGraw-Hill Education Announces Digital Initiative PW 6/16/09
Amazon CEO Knocks Google Books Settlement GC 6/16/09
How to Write a Fictional Twitter Feed GC 6/15/09
Cliffs Notes on Your Telephone GC 6/15/09
Simon & Schuster in Deal with Scribd to Sell e-Books PW 6/12/09
A Tweet Treat? PW 6/12/09
Simon & Schuster to Sell Books on Scribd GC 6/12/09
HC Children's Does Mobile Promotion for Lauren Conrad Novel PW 6/11/09
Author Reveals Personal Kindle Sales GC 6/11/09
Shortcovers Builds Digital Reader for Palm Pre GC 6/11/09
Twitter Boot Camp Discount GC 6/11/09
Susan Orlean's Tempest in the Twitter Teapot GC 6/11/09
Dzanc Books Launches [Online] Literary Journal GC 6/10/09
Bret Easton Ellis' Twitter Review Career GC 6/10/09
Swiss Army Knife of Dictionaries GC 6/10/09
Conan the Digitalist GC 6/10/09
COOL-ER eBook Reader: the Future of Book Publishing? GC 6/10/09
ScrollMotion Bringing One Million Books to iPhone GC 6/10/09
$99 iPhone Rocks E-Book World GC 6/9/09
The New Gatekeepers GC 6/9/09
Book Stock Watch: Google Gains GC 6/5/09
Textnovel Lets Writers Publish Via Cellphone PW 6/5/09
Dave Eggers Sends Soothing Mass Email GC 6/5/09
Worldwide Seizures of Pirated Books GC 6/5/09
OUP Dictionary Team Dissects Twitter GC 6/5/09
How to Build a Literary iPhone App GC 6/3/09
eNews: Indigo to Launch Their Own Device PL 6/3/09
100 Strangers Co-Write and Publish Book GC 6/2/09
How 25 Million Chinese Readers Read Online GC 6/2/09
Showtime Network Develops Digital Tie-In for Amazon Kindle GC 6/2/09
Blogging Evangelist on the Future of Publishing GC 6/2/09
RAND Lowers e-Book Prices PW 6/2/09
Amazon’s Kindle DX Available June 10 PW 6/2/09
HMH Creates Digital Team PL 6/2/09
Google to Sell Digital Books GC 6/1/09, Inc. Rumors GC 5/29/09
Tina Brown Bashes $9.99 Digital Books GC 5/29/09
GalleyCat Exclusive: $199 EBook Reader GC 5/29/09
How to Catch a Book Pirate GC 5/29/09
BookExpo America 2009: HarperCollins Featuring e-Galleys at BEA PW 5/29/09
Baker & Taylor, Donnelley in Print-on-Demand Pact PW 5/28/09
Ingram Survey Finds Half of Respondents Will Use E-Catalogues PW 5/28/09
Piracy Study Results Released GC 5/28/09
Stanza COO Neelan Choksi on the Last 150 Days in E-Books GC 5/28/09
Comparing Apples and Kindles GC 5/27/09
Ingram Adds Ingram Digital to Newly Formed Ingram Content Group PW 5/26/09
B&T, OverDrive Ink Digital Distribution Deal PW 5/26/09
FiledBy Expands Online Author Directory PW 5/26/09
Audible Launches BlackBerry E-Book Application GC 5/26/09
New Yorker Cover Drawn on iPhone (Gizmodo) MediaBistro 5/26/09
eMusic Adds Audiobooks from Recorded Books and HighBridge 5/22/09 PW
Hachette's Bestselling Promotional iPhone App 5/21/09 GC
U of Mich Signs Expanded Agreement With Google 5/21/09 PW
Viz Media Launches IKKI, New Online Magazine Venture 5/21/09 PW
Amazon Upgrades its Kindle for Iphone App 5/20/09 PW
HarperOne's Little Black Book Now Online 5/20/09 PW
Lit Bloggers Debate Kindle Blog Program 5/20/09 GC
On Demand Books Overtake Traditional Titles for the First Time 5/19/09 PL
Mobifusion, Encyclopaedia Britannica Release iPhone Apps 5/19/09 PW
Hyperion to Unveil Kernl 5/19/09 PW
Scribd Launches Online Store 5/18/09 PW
OverDrive in Deal with ChineseAll 5/18/09 PW
BEA Blogger Signing Schedule 5/17/09 GC
Amazon Opens Kindle to Bloggers 5/14/09 GC
Romance, DRM and the Future of Reading at Digital Book 2009 5/13/09 PW
Amazon and indieBound Top iPhone App Store 5/11/09 GC
The Expensive Art of Digitization 5/11/09 GC
Webcomics, Storytelling and Books from 'Smith' Online Magazine 5/11/09 PW
Amazon Optimizes Kindle Store for Safari on iPhones 5/11/09 PW
Mobifusion Releases New Cellphone Content Viewer 5/11/09 PW
Book Stock Watch: Amazon Unveils Kindle DX 5/8/09 GC
Sterling's Leaver Down on Trade Shows, High on Digital Catalogues 5/7/09 PW
Alloy to Adapt "Private" for Web TV Series 5/7/09 PW
Amazon Launches Kindle DX 5/6/09 PW
IDW Hires Webber to Oversee E-publishing 5/4/09 PW
Michelin Unveils iPhone Apps for New York, San Francisco and More European Cities 5/4/09 PW
Amazon Press Conference Set Amid Rumors of Bigger Screen Kindle 5/4/09 PW
L.A. Times Panel Debates Gatekeepers, Supply Chain and e-Books 4/30/09 PW
SharedBook Partners with Nelson 4/29/09 PW
Google Deadline Delayed Four Months as Steinbeck Motion Granted 4/28/09 PW
Delay Looming for Google Settlement Deadline? 4/27/09 PW
Amazon Acquires Stanza iPhone e-Book App 4/27/09 PW
More Than 100,000 Users in 160 Countries Try Shortcovers 4/27/09 PW
Barnes & Noble Launches Audiobook Store 4/27/09 PW
Judge Rejects Internet Archive Motion to Intervene in Google Settlement 4/24/09 PW
Amazon Sales Jump, Though Media Growth Slower 4/23/09 PW
Scholastic Web Game Show to Test Kids’ Knowledge 4/23/09 PW
Gompertz Named to New Digital Role at Simon & Schuster 4/22/09 PW
In U.K., Sony E-Reader Says Bring It On, Kindle 4/21/09 PW
British Publishers Try to Find the Money in E-books 4/21/09 PW
Big Rollout for DNL Laptop-format e-Books 4/21/09 PW
Using SKYPE, Wiley Holds Virtual Bookstore Talk 4/21/09 PW
S&S, GoSpoken to Offer E-titles for Mobile Phones 4/17/09 PW
Internet Archive Latest to Object to Google Settlement 4/17/09 PW
Lightning Source Launches Espresso Book Machine Pilot 4/16/09 PW
Children’s Book Week Goes Digital 4/16/09 PW Launches Lulu Poetry, Introduces Contest 4/14/09 PW
Baker & Taylor Signs with LibreDigital for E-Books, Starts Digital Media Services Group 4/10/09 PW
Digital Recipe Reader Demy Hits the Market 4/10/09 PW
Twittergirls: Laurie Halse Anderson on Tour 4/9/09 PW
Amazon Launches App for Blackberry 4/8/09 PW
Disabled Group Protests Removal of Kindle's Text-to-Speech 4/7/09 PW
Consumer Group Protests Google Settlement 4/6/09 PW
Houghton Rolls Out Curious George App 4/6/09 PW
Yen Press Launches Toxic Planet Comic Online 4/6/09 PW
B&N Gives Booksellers Blogs 4/6/09 PW
Fujitsu Launches Color e-Book Reader in Japan 3/26/09 PW
Kiyosaki Site Drawing Lots of Interest to Free Book 3/26/09 PW
Chronicle Finds a Hit Online 3/26/09 PW
New Site Hosts 1.8 Million Author Web Pages 3/25/09 PW
Fictionwise Launches Free eReader E-book App for Blackberry 3/24/09 PW
Workman Gives Away Kindles, Lands Book in Amazon's Top Spot 3/24/09 PW
University of Michigan Switching to Digital Format for Scholarly Monographs 3/24/09 PW
HC Goes Digital With Catalogues 3/23/09 PW
B&N Digital Initiatives Coming, Riggio Promises 3/19/09 PW
Sony Partners with Google for More e-Books 3/19/09 PW
Scribd Signs Deals with Major Houses 3/18/09 PW
Bringing Comics to the Amazon Kindle 3/16/09 PW
ABPA’s Book Building 2.0 Seminar Addresses E-Books, iPhones and More 3/11/09 PW
Drummond Talks Google Settlement at AAP Meeting 3/10/09 PW
Stanza Has 'Read an eBook Week' Freebies; Hunted Pubs in Print, on iPhone 3/10/09 PW
The Kindle for iPhone: Good App with Flaws 3/9/09 PW Stock Gets Upgrade 3/9/09 PW
B&N Buys Fictionwise; Will Start e-Bookstore 3/5/09 PW Note: Same day Borders cuts 742 jobs.
A Million Kindles by Thanksgiving? 3/4/09 PW
ScrollMotion Offers Graphical ‘Daniel X’ for iPhone 3/4/09 PW
Amazon Joins the iPhone App Market 3/3/09 PW
F+W Offering Free e-Books 3/3/09 PW
Nelson Makes Books Available in All Formats for One Price 3/3/09 PW
Amazon Reverses Stance on Text-to-Speech Feature 3/2/09 PW
Simon & Schuster Launches Crossword iPhone App 2/23/09 PW
Walden Media Moves into Future 2/19/09 PW
Read Will Eisner On Your iPhone 2/17/09 PW
Lexcycle, Plastic Logic, iRex and Others to Integrate New Adobe eBook Technology 2/16/09 PW
Authors Guild and Amazon Disagree Over Kindle's Text-to-Speech Software 2/12/09 PW
TOC: The Digital Future Is Confusing and Inspirational 2/12/09 PW
TOC Conference: Using Social Media to Build Book Audiences 2/11/09 PW
ReadHowYouWant Has Big Ambitions 2/11/09 PW
Plastic Logic Annouces Partnerships for Forthcoming eReader 2/10/09 PW
Kindle2 to Launch February 24 2/9/09 PW
Google Optimizes Book Search for iPhone, Android 2/6/09 PW Offers New Sci-fi and Fantasy Webcomics 2/2/09 PW
HarperCollins’s New Format: Video Books 2/3/09 PW
ReadHowYouWant Launches Online Braille Store 1/30/09 PW
Amazon Has Big Year, Though Media Growth Slowed 1/29/09 PW
Robert Kiyosaki, Business Plus Team-Up for Free, Online Book 1/29/09 PW
Tantor Distributing Playaway 1/28/09 PW
New Kindle Coming? 1/27/09 PW
Amazon To Drop Microsoft, Adobe e-Book Formats 1/26/09 PW
Perseus Partners with Incelligence to Create Mobile Phone Editions 1/21/09 PW Partners with for Textbook Rentals 1/21/09 PW
Wiley Signs with YBP Library Services for Online Book Distribution 1/21/09 PW
iPhone Recipe Apps Surge 1/20/09 PW
Avalon Travel and For Dummies Launch New Web Sites 1/16/09 PW
Simon & Schuster Launches New Web Site 1/14/09 PW
Hachette's Young Touts Benefits of XML 1/13/09 PW
A Cautionary e-Book Tale 1/13/09 PW
Dorchester Signs with LibreDigital for e-Book Distribution 1/12/09 PW
New B& President 1/9/09 PW
OverDrive Digital "Checkouts" Jumped 76% in 2008 1/6/09 PW
Orbit Offers Dollar E-Books 1/5/09 PW
Amazon Launches Author Stores 12/30/08 PW
Melville House Doing "Live Book" on Goose Island 12/11/08 PW
BISG Unveils BookDROP Standard for Digital Book Repositories 12/10/08 PW
uclick Hopes to Roll Out Hundreds of Comics for iPhone 12/9/08 PW
John Wiley and Directory M Enter Internet Content Syndication Partnership 12/9/08 PW
Penguin Launches Penguin 2.0, iPhone App; Stanza Deal with Random House 12/8/08 PW
Joint Venture Takes Control of NetGalley 12/8/08 PW
Fictionwise Partners with Stanza on iPhone 12/4/08 PW
New E-Book Publisher Launches 12/2/08 PW
Amazon Complete AbeBooks Buy 12/2/08 PW
NBN to Offer Digital Services 12/1/08 PW
Pan Macmillan Signs with Lexcycle’s Stanza 11/25/08 PW
Random House Expands E-book Offerings 11/24/08 PW
Tyndale Signs with Global Reader 11/18/09 PW
Google Settlement Gets Initial Approval 11/18/09 PW Goes Live with Google Preview 11/12/08 PW
U.K. Booksellers Say Google Deal Creates Monopoly 11/12/08 PW
SharedBook Teams with Tattered Cover and Capitol Books 11/10/08 PW
DailyLit Launches Book Samplers 11/6/08 PW
Authors, Publishers, Google Embrace Settlement 10/28/08 PW
Google Settles with AAP, Authors Guild 10/28/08 PW
B&N Launches Social Networking Site 10/27/08 PW
Kindle is Oprah’s New “Favorite Gadget” 10/24/08 PW

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