Sunday, November 30, 2008

Great Gift Idea for Book People

Opening Lines: The First Sentences from Classic Plays, Poems, and Books is a wonderful gift for book lovers available exclusively at Barnes & Noble. It is a mini book designed to hold a gift card. Gift cards are sold separately so you can include a gift card from B&N or the retailer of your choice. Or, the book alone makes a great client gift with your business card inside instead of a gift card.
If you are in publishing or a book person looking for something special for your staff, clients, family and friends, consider a gift card delivered in a copy of Opening Lines.
Or, if you are a pet person, consider Pet Therapy: Thoughts on Why We Love Our Pets. The two other books in the series, Happy Birthday and The Gift of Friendship are sold out at but still available in some stores.


210 Leadership Blog said...

this is the kind of book I love to read and have in my collection.

definitely looking in to this one.

CheVegas said...

As a gift, last fall I was given Opening Lines: The First Sentences of Classic Plays, Poems, and Books. It helped remind me which, and how many, great books I haven't read. (Incidentally, it's an embarrassing quantity.)

This past winter was a doozy, even by Michigan standards, and perfect for a lot of indoor reading. I cherry-picked titles from Opening Lines to cobble together a great winter reading list.

It whets your appetite and serves ideas. It's fun to read too--like a miniature "coffee table book."