Friday, October 17, 2008

We're Number One!

There must have been a football game or something last night. When the train from the Messe pulled into the main station it was full of people in jerseys. They were mostly young people drinking beer. They were singing and chanting and pounding on the train. A few of them had banners with drawings of a hand extending its middle finger. (I think that means, "We're #1" in Germany.) Some kid came charging up shaking the banner at the window by my seat. I never felt personally threatened but the whole experience was a bit disconcerting. The hooligans started a cheer chant and began hopping in unison. Some boarded the train making it bounce. I did start to wonder if maybe it was some kind of student protest rather than a sporting crowd. They seemed to hold up the train. At least we sat in the station for a good five minutes when the usual stop is about 30 seconds. Finally, the train pulled away. (This is not my photo. I found it online, but I wish I had taken it.)

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