Friday, October 17, 2008

I Love Public Transit

I got my hands on a restaurant guide and found a traditional German place on the train route between the fair and the hotel. The Frankfurter Haus is right here in Neu Isenburg. The guide directed me to get off the train at the stop before the one I’ve been taking for Neu Isenburg, and to get on a street car. I didn’t know there was a street car. I have now used the commuter train, the surface train, the underground train, the street car, and the bus system in Frankfurt. And it is all free with my show badge.

The street car went through a heavily forested municipal park. It was beautiful with all the trees in their fall colors. The street car stopped at the old Neu Isenburg train station in a quaint brick paved circle. Directly across from the station was the restaurant. The restaurant was in a huge, historic, charming old house. There was a larger hall-style dining room that I imagine is used for parties or greater seating capacity in the busier tourist seasons. There was a large beer garden but no one was sitting outside. Too cold. My waiter was a Brit. He’s the first waiter I’ve had who spoke English and he steered me right. I had a fillet of beef that was perhaps the best steak I’ve ever eaten, at least the best in recent memory. It was served with a vegetable au gratin and some kind of fries. I also got a side of sour kraut. I finished it off with some apple strudel and a cup of coffee.

While I was waiting for my food, I Google mapped the restaurant address on my iPhone. Turns out, I was just about three block further down the road from where I had dinner last night. After dinner I walked back to the hotel. It was a little long but the cool air and the exercise felt good. I also passed a storefront that gave me an idea for a new name for the blog.


Mary said...

Seriously, though...what do they sell at SchmuckForum? The mind reels.

Paul Mikos said...

It was jewelry in the window.